Webinar 1: The OpenCube Project

 This webinar has 2 topics:

- a description of the OpenCube project
- a description of one of its outcomes e.g. the OLAP browser, demo included.

webinar 1: The OpenCube Project from OpenCube Project on Vimeo.


Webinar 2: The OpenCube Toolkit

Recording of the second webinar on the OpenCube project and its deliverables.
It contains:
- a short introduction on the project itself,
- it gives a description of the architecture of Information Workbench of fluidOps on which the open source components have been built (8min11sec)
- an overview of the components developed for publishing and reusing statistical datasets (24min06sec).

Webinar 2 - The OpenCube Toolkit from OpenCube Project on Vimeo.