ProXML bvba

ProXML offers a complete range of services for both creating and consuming Linked Data. ProXML offers services around following tools: TopQuadrant suite, PoolParty suite, Information Workbench, OWLIM and Virtuoso RDF triple stores, Paggr Prospect etc. ProXML is aiming at the following domains: GLAM (Galeries, Libraries, Archives, Musea) and other cultural (heritage) institutions, Government, Enterprise (semantic) vocabulary management. 

ProXML is the architect/implementor of (a) erfgoedplus (, a cultural heritage portal based on semantic web standards (b) OWMS linked data publishing, OWMS is the metadata standard of the Dutch government, (c) Stelselcatalogus, project of the Dutch government to align different vocabularies, (d) Linked Open Data at the Flemish government (e) participated in EU Open Data Portal, ESCO linked data.

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