OpenCube will be evaluated and validated in three pilots.

The UK Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) is a central government department that already publishes thousands of statistical datasets, mainly in the form of Excel spreadsheets. DCLG pilot will evaluate both data cube creation and data cube visualisation and analysis tools on a selection of statistical datasets from the existing publication plan of the department. DCLG will use OpenCube extensions for PublishMyData and compare them against existing processes in terms of ease of use, reliability, ease of identifying and correcting errors.

The research centre of the Government of Flanders already publishes more than 1200 statistical datasets (mainly Excel spreadsheets) on its Open Data portal. The pilot will showcase how OpenCube extensions for Information Workbench support data journalists and citizens in exploring linked open statistical data to reveal new information and new insights. This pilot will also employ OpenCube toolkit to publish linked statistical data.

The Irish Central Statistics Office (CSO) has the mandate to collect, compile, extract and disseminate information relating to economic, social and general activities and conditions in Ireland. In the pilot, CSO will use the OpenCube toolkit to publish the Irish 2011 Census, as well as selected parts of the StatBank statistical database as Linked Data including the code lists and classifications used in the datasets. It will also employ OpenCube toolkit to reuse datasets in a scenario that requires geospatial analytics and forecasting.