OpenCube has released the following tools.

Open-source OpenCube toolkit (

  • Creating
    • TARQL extension for data cubes: data conversion to RDF from legacy tabular data, such as CSV/TSV files.
    • D2RQ extension for data cubes: data conversion from relational databases into RDF data cubes.
    • JSON-Stat to QB: It facilitates the automatic transformation of cubes in JSON-stat format to linked data cubes.
    • R2RML extension for data cubes: It enables the transformation of cubes structured in tabular sources to linked data cubes
  • Expanding
    • OpenCube Compatibility Explorer: Given an initial cube in the local RDF store of the infrastructure, the main role of the Compatibility Explorer is to (a) search into the Linked Data Web and identify cubes that are compatible to expand the initial cube, and (b) establish typed links between the local cube and the compatible ones.
    • OpenCube Aggregator: The role of the Aggregator is twofold. First, given an initial cube with n dimensions the aggregator creates 2n−1 new cubes taking into account all the possible combinations of the n dimensions. Second, given an initial cube and a hierarchy of a dimension, the aggregator creates new observations for all the attributes of the hierarchy.
    • OpenCube Expander: It creates a new expanded cube by merging two compatible cubes. 
  • Exploiting
    • Data catalogue management: user interface (UI) templates for managing metadata on RDF data cubes and supporting search and discovery.
    • OpenCube Browser: table-based visualizations of linked data cubes.
    • OpenCube OLAP Browser: It enables performing OLAP operations (e.g. pivot, drill-down, and roll-up) on top of multiple linked data cubes.
    • R statistical analysis: R integration module in the Information Workbench.
    • Interactive chart visualization widgets: visualization of the RDF data cube slices with charts.
    • OpenCube MapView: map-based visualizations of linked data cubes with a geo-spatial dimension. It enables performing OLAP operations


Extensions to PublishMyData intended for commercial exploitation: